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Trichup - Repositing, branding and communication launch.
Trichup a popular brand prescribed by doctors for women with hair concerns like hair fall, dandruff, split ends, graying etc. and rested in the curative space . With the changing market environment the brand wanted to attract a larger audience thereby shifting into the preventive space.
Communication Strategy
Hair has always been a concern for people and most do not to experiment with products. With an increasing preference relating with natural products, focus was given to the "natural ingredient story" dually tackling the negative connotation of natural products taking a long time to cure the problem vis-a-viz synthetic products which are perceived to be powerful but toxic.
A Specialist/therapeutic approach was adopted taking the product specialist/therapeutic segment thereby targeting preventive and specialist segments.
Brand Proposition
"POWERVEDA" A therapeutic formulae with active ingredients uniquely blended which tackles all hair related issues and gives healthy,
beautiful hair. Every usage adds more power in your hair, to fight the problems.
A premium & contemporary packaging that keeping connect with Ayurveda was kept intact.
Switch over ads
Keep same copy as in website currently.
Brand Ads
Products which a doctor prescribes without the prescription.
Product Ads
Product led communication based on the day to day problems that women face with their hair.

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